Supporting You In Growing A Healthy And Sustainable Career In Music

We Put Your Health And Happiness At The Heart Of Your Music-Making

We know how challenging it is to thrive as a musician


You might be struggling with uncertainty, anxiety, lack of motivation, money worries, feeling burned out, or simply want to create a solid and enjoyable music career. We know there are many challenges facing musicians right now.  


We understand how hard it can be to create the stability and fulfilment you want 


Doing what you love isn't always easy, but it shouldn't compromise your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Our community provides a safe and supportive space for you to grow a career which is stable, rewarding and healthy. 


Get specialist help from our team of professional coaches, therapists and industry experts who have first-hand experience of the profession. By supporting your personal growth and development, we help you unlock your innate mental health and inner wisdom to achieve career success and fulfilment in a way which aligns with who you truly are.

We help you:

  • Establish your career with solid foundations
  • Navigate the uncertainties of your career with confidence
  • Stabilise your income and create new work opportunities
  • Manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Build resilience and prevent burnout
  • Deal with addiction
  • Perform better under pressure and banish self-doubt
  • Improve your physical health and move forward from pain and injury
  • Take your career to the next level and develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Create a fulfilling career which aligns with your purpose and values
Copyright Tamsin Arai Drake 2020
Copyright Tamsin Arai Drake 2020

Unlock Career Success And Fulfilment

We're really passionate about helping you create a career in music which is truly rewarding. No musician should be struggling, unhappy or feel they're not able to reach their potential. 


Through a combination of live learning, downloadable resources, short courses, a community forum and tailored workshops, we help you uncover your inner gold. When you glimpse this inner strength, you will unlock a well of potential to overcome psychological challenges with ease and create a truly successful and fulfilling career for yourself.  

We Can Help You:

Overcome obstacles:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Performance anxiety
  • Pain and injury
  • Burnout
  • Addictions
  • Depression

Develop your potential:

  • Build your career
  • Develop your business and entrepreneurial skills
  • Increase your resilience
  • Ignite your creativity and innovation
  • Develop your artistic persona
  • Increase your impact as a musician

Stronger Together

It’s already a competitive industry. As musicians we can help each other when we support each other.


Connection is vital to every musician's wellbeing and development. Our hub not only provides a safe and supportive space where members can grow and develop together, but a vibrant and powerful community which nurtures connection and collaboration.

Imagine having...

  • A community where you feel listened to and supported
  • A network of peers to inspire and support each other
  • Access to specialist help and support any time you need
  • The tools and resources to develop your true potential
Copyright Tamsin Arai Drake 2020

Career Support & Development At Your Fingertips

Specialist Help

A team of professional coaches, therapists and industry experts at your fingertips

Community Forum

A community for supporting each other and building a strong network

Downloadable Resources

High-quality downloads in key areas for targeted help

Live Learning

Monthly sessions for live support around key topics

Workshops & Programmes

Professional tailored workshops and programmes for deeper immersion - in room and live stream

Monthly Inspiration

A monthly newsletter to encourage and guide you along your journey

Annual Conference

A performance psychology conference – coming soon!

Access To a Global Network

A high-profile network of musicians, advocates, partner organisations and initiatives

Copyright Tamsin Arai Drake 2020

Discover What You're Really Made Of

Would you spend most of your career in anxiety and stress, constantly scraping by and living on a knife edge if you knew you could create a thriving career which is also rewarding and nourishing instead? We are already helping musicians like you to empower themselves and raise their level of consciousness to discover their personal greatness. Join us and we will show you what you're truly made of. We help you take the lead in your own life to create a career which serves you and your values.

What Our Members Are Saying...

Join A Network Of Gold

We're teaming up with some of the leading names in the creative industry to help provide the most effective support for our members. Our growing network of professionals, advocates, partners and patrons reflects the dedicated support of countless individuals, charities and organisations who are joining forces to invest in a healthy future for musicians.


Our mission is to make our community the global centre for developing and supporting the most ambitious musicians across the world. If you're a musician and you're serious about creating a sustainable and rewarding career, you can't afford not to be part of such a valuable network!

Meet Christina

Christina Cooper – President, Founder & Director
Performance Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist
Pianist & Double Bass Player

Hi I'm Christina. I was compelled to create Music Mind Hub after burning out in my own career as a musician. Following my studies at Juilliard and the Royal Academy of Music I was enjoying a successful career as a freelance double bass player. I was lucky enough to play with many of the top London and UK orchestras and had a large and successful teaching studio, but after just 10 years I was in tremendous pain, anxious and unhappy. I realised I had reached burnout, and I felt as though I had lost my identity as a musician.

I decided to retrain in the one thing which had transformed my life - cognitive hypnotherapy. I went from being burnt out to becoming a woman on a world mission! This has since led me to further my skills as a performance coach and explore how science, psychology, metaphysics, neuroscience and spirituality intersect to define who we are truly meant to be as musicians and people. I now have the privilege of helping musicians of all levels overcome the challenges which stop them from expressing their true selves and enjoying true fulfilment in their life and career.

Music Mind Hub was born out of a realisation that musicians needed support and they weren't getting it. I wanted to create a community accessible to musicians anywhere in the world which could help them unlock their innate mental health to create a career they truly enjoy.

An Investment In Your Health And Happiness

SPECIAL PRICES: In the light of Covid-19, we wanted to make our membership accessible to as many musicians as possible. We don't want affordability to be a barrier. We have therefore lowered our membership prices by more than 70% until further notice! (Price shown reflects discount)

You're just one click away from your thriving future. If you're ready to create a truly healthy and rewarding career for yourself then simply click the button below to join our community...

Pay Monthly



Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime!

  • High quality downloadable resources
  • Monthly webinar and Q&A sessions
  • Access to a growing content library
  • Dedicated member's community forum
  • Access to a growing network of music and mental health professionals and partner organisations
  • 10% member dicount for one-to-one referrals
  • Professional workshops, short courses and programmes (special member rates)

Pay Annually



Get 2 FREE MONTHS with an annual membership!

  • High quality downloadable resources
  • Monthly webinar and Q&A sessions
  • Access to a growing content library
  • Dedicated member's community forum
  • Access to a growing network of music and mental health professionals and partner organisations
  • 10% member dicount for one-to-one referrals
  • Professional workshops, short courses and programmes (special member rates)

All prices are in British Pounds

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join Music Mind Hub we want you to experience the significant value our support and services can offer you over the long term. However, if after the first month you don't feel like you've received the value you'd hoped for and you decide you want to cancel, then just let us know any time within the next 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

We're so confident that you'll find the Music Mind Hub packed with value that we won't make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions - if you're not satisfied within your first 30 days then we'll refund you without any fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

Music Mind Hub is a global online community for musicians’ mental health and career development. Our mission is to help musicians unlock their innate mental health and find the tools and resources they need to overcome mental challenges and create a successful and sustainable career. Our membership model is the first of its kind - there is currently nothing else out there which offers specific mental health support and career development for musicians in such an inclusive and accessible way.

We help all types of musician, whether classical, rock, pop or any other genre. We help you at all stages of your journey, whether you’re still a student, just stepping into the profession or already established. 

Being a musician can be lonely. Our membership provides a supportive community as well as serving as a helping hand which guides you at each stage of your journey. If you're feeling as though you're not reaching your potential we can help you overcome psychological challenges and specific struggles, as well as providing the tools and resources you need to make the most of your skills as a musician. You will be part of a global online community which supports and helps each other along the way, and this in itself can be incredibly powerful.

Once you are a member you will have full access to our growing collection of resources and content. In the content library you will be able to find interviews, podcasts, articles and recordings of all our live events. Downloads can be saved for personal use. You will also have access to the community hub where you can get help and advice from our team and your fellow members. You will have the chance to register for our monthly live webinars and Q&A sessions, and book onto our quarterly workshops which are led by Christina, our Co-Director Karen, or another of our team members or trainers.

We offer comprehensive mental health and career support in all the key areas of being a musician. Through our wider network we can also connect you to other valuable services which might be of benefit. Christina, Karen, and our other team members can help with issues such as performance anxiety, stress, anxiety, addictions, depression, pain and injury, imposter syndrome, confidence and burnout. We can also help you in marketing yourself, developing your business skills, managing your money and other practical elements of being a musician. All of our support team and trainers are highly-qualified in various disciplines including cognitive hypnotherapy, coaching, psychotherapy, psychology, medicine and neuroscience and many also have a professional music background. 

While we can’t guarantee you more income directly (it would be nice if we could!), we can certainly help you to create and attract more work opportunities as you grow and develop your skills and confidence during your time with us. We can help you overcome those blocks and challenges which are stopping you from making more money and you can find that your income naturally increases as a result.

Yes. Many of our team are available for private referral, and they can also refer you on to other relevant professionals if required. They are all available to work either online or in person for those who live in the UK. Members will get an exclusive 10% discount on all referrals.

Sometimes as a musician it can be tricky admitting that you need help and support, particularly if you worry it might affect the chances of you getting work. While our membership aims to promote mental health and career development as an integral part of any musician's development, we recognise that for some musicians it's important to stay anonymous, and it may help you feel freer about sharing sensitive issues within the hub. When you sign up you can choose a username which makes you unidentifiable to others. Our webinars also offer anonymity if you don’t want others to see you on the same call.

You don’t need to worry about getting left behind. All of our content is designed for you to dip in and out and choose the most relevant topics for you. It is up to you how much support you feel you need at any given time. Any future course content will be designed for you to work through in your own time and at your own pace.

If you want to get a taste of the amazing value we offer but not sure about committing to a full year, you can sign up for monthly membership which you can cancel at any time. Although we are confident that once you join us you won't want to leave us, if you do, there'll be no problem for you to cancel your membership. You can always rejoin at any time if you change your mind in the future.

Music Mind Hub is designed to help you grow and develop over a period of time. Change takes time and we want you to experience the greatest benefit from our services. We recommend you try us for at least a year so you can experience the full benefit of how our membership can help you transform your career and your life, but if you want to try us out first you can sign up to our monthly membership and cancel anytime. 

At the end of each year you will be asked if you’d like to renew. Unless you inform us not to, we will renew your membership for another year. If you decide to leave (of course we hope you’ll see the value in staying!), you can cancel your membership with the click of your mouse. You’ll still have access to any of the resources you have already downloaded, but you will no longer have access to the content library or any saved resources. Alternatively, you can also continue on our monthly membership if you'd like more flexibility.

Ready to step into who you truly are?

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